Bunion Pain and your Overall Health in American Fork

The term “bunion” refers to a condition that occurs in the joints of your big toe. Bunions take place when the bone structure at the front of your foot shifts from its usual form. When this happens, the joint in your big toe sticks out and creates a bump, while the tip of your big…

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Sprained vs. Broken Ankle in Cedar Fort, UT

Our busy lifestyles tend to take a great toll on our bodies, particularly the joint areas. In particular, the ankle joint supports a significant amount of our body weight. This only shows that every stress and pressure attributed to our day-to-day movements will always trickle down to the joint region. It plays a crucial role…

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Charcot Foot Treatment in Vineyard, UT

Charcot foot is a painful foot deformity that can cause various issues for those affected by the condition. While rare in its occurrence, Charcot foot is a high probability for those who suffer from peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage in combination with conditions such as diabetes. If you or a loved one is suffering from…

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Best Remedy for Ingrown Toenail in Utah County

Ingrown nail reasons

An ingrown toenail is a type of condition in which the nail has grown into the skin; these may be the corner or side of the toenail. Your big toe is most likely to get an ingrown toenail causing pain, skin redness, and swelling in the affected area. If you trim your toenails too short,…

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Ankle Tendonitis: Types, Symptoms & Treatment in Saratoga Springs

You are probably wondering what Tendonitis of the foot and ankle is. Tendonitis is also known as tendinitis. It’s a condition in which the tissue connecting muscle to bone becomes inflamed. It’s a condition usually caused by unexpected sharp movements or repetitive exercises such as running, jumping, throwing, etc. Also, having a poor posture while…

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Calcaneus Fracture: Everything You Need to Know in Lindon

Back shot of a runner’s feet

When it comes to foot, ankle, and heel issues, they can have serious negative effects on a person’s daily activities. Since our feet provide the foundation for the rest of our bodies, we must ensure that any problems are treated by a podiatrist. In certain circumstances, patients may have to deal with even more severe…

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