What to Look for in a Foot and Ankle Specialist?

foot and ankle specialist in Saratoga Springs, UT

When seeking treatment for a podiatric injury or condition, you’ll want your foot and ankle specialist to be compassionate, skilled, and knowledgeable enough to get you moving again. However, many Saratoga Springs residents put off seeing a foot and ankle specialist for a variety of reasons, including: They believe their foot and ankle pain will…

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Can Hammertoes be Corrected

Toe joint, hammer toes

For most people, having healthy feet or toes is not their major wellness priority until they experience a life-threatening foot illness that disrupts movement or reduces their quality of life. However, many podiatric problems may arise due to heredity, and others may occur due to self-inflicted activities, such as wearing ill-fitting fashionable shoes. Hammertoe is…

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Five Ways to Heal a Heel Spur in Eagle Mountain, UT

heel pain, bone spurs, chronic pain

A person makes more than 5,000 steps each day. These small daily steps will add up to a million miles, making your feet wear out and leading to several injuries and long-term conditions. Five out of ten people with wear and tear injuries develop heel spur syndrome. A heel spur will impact your mobile ability,…

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