American Fork Child Foot Pain

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Your Child's Foot is in Pain

Do You Know Why?

We understand that a child's foot is very sensitive. We want to help. There are many nerves in the foot that are all connected to each other. When one part of the foot hurts, sometimes it can cause more pain in other areas of the foot.

Stop wondering and get help for your child today! Our heel cups will ease your child's foot pain and will create a cushion for your child's heel. This will improve the overall comfort of the foot.

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What is a Heel Cup?

Create a Support for Your Heel

A heel cup is a specialized shoe insert put inside the heel area. These inserts are designed to create extra support to your heel. The heel is a part of the body that receive a lot of pressure throughout the day. This can cause irritation and soreness in the foot.

We are ready to solve the issue of our American Fork Child Foot Pain! For just 10$, get heel cups for your child and see their pain disappear.

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Eliminate Your Child's Foot Pain

Here at Rogers Foot & Ankle Institute, our experienced foot doctors are ready and excited to help your foot issues. We are friendly and passionate about assisting our patients.


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Drop by anytime during our office hours and we will be ready and happy to help you! We want your child's foot to feel better.

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For only $10, get our comfortable heel cups for your child. We guarantee that your child will feel a difference in foot comfort.

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