American Fork Sprained Ankle Treatment

American Fork Sprained Ankle Treatment

Do you need sprained ankle treatment quick? You’ve come to the right place! Rogers Foot & Ankle Institute has the expertise that you need to get your ankle back in shape. Our doctors have specifically trained in the medical aspects of foot and ankle problems. Their number one priority is foot health for all patients. Request an appointment today and start your healing process from your sprained ankle. You can also call us at 801-756-4200 to talk to a professional and schedule an appointment. Our American Fork Sprained Ankle Treatment is next to none when it comes to quality and lasting comfort.

Creating Health for Your Feet

Before you come in for an appointment, we suggest doing some at-home remedies to ease the pain and prepare for further treatment. If you follow the procedure, we guarantee a better experience in our office!

  1. Rest. If you continue to put pressure on your ankle, you will make the problem worse, thus creating more pain in that particular area. Give your ankle a break.
  2. Ice. Icing your ankle results in less swelling, causing relief to your ankle.
  3. Compress. Make sure to give the proper support that your ankle needs. By wrapping your ankle in bandages, your ankle can relax without feeling the need to support itself.
  4. Elevate. Elevating your ankle can be one of the most helpful techniques you can do at home. Support your ankle above your heart and allow the blood to drain from your foot. This practice will lessen the pressure in your ankle.

Request an American Fork Sprained Ankle Treatment

Let us help you get on the right footing again! Request an appointment to get started. Because we care about our patients, we guarantee a positive experience during and after your doctor visits. Call 801-756-4200 and schedule an appointment with our specialists and get rid of that ankle pain!

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