Ankle Fracture Diagnosis & Treatment

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Suspect You May Have a Fractured Ankle?

 We offer certified, professional ankle fracture treatments and diagnoses in the Utah County area to get you back on your feet and living a healthy, pain-free life!

Whether you rolled your ankle during a sports game or a misstep on the stairs, our team of doctors can help. When you roll your ankle there is a chance that the bone may have been fractured if enough pressure was applied to the area. You should always have a doctor assess whether or not your ankle is simply sprained or whether there is a problem with the bone.

Patient with broken leg in a plaster cast at Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute

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Our friendly doctors can help you determine what course of treatment is needed for your ankle pain.

Pain is always your body's way of telling you that something might be wrong! If the pain is sharp or recurring and accompanied by swelling or redness, it's important that you make an appointment at Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute.

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Our specialty trained doctors know it all, from odd colors to nagging heel or toe pain!

Our doctors are leading experts in the most up-to-date procedures and treatments. They are dedicated to continuing education, staying on the forefront of podiatric techniques.

We even have 2 convenient locations to make it easier for our clients to get the services they need.

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Preventative & Emergency Foot Care

No matter what type of foot or toenail pain you have, our certified podiatrists can help.