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Cedar Fort Foot Health Encourages Proper Toenail Cutting

Cut Your Toenails Carefully

Your nails will look and feel great!

Ever in a hurry and need to cut your toenails fast? You might get careless and end up with pain that you'll regret. Instead, take the time to cut your toenails correctly.

Remember to cut your nails straight across. Do not trim too close to the skin or round the corners of your nail. This causes ingrown toenails, which can be very painful and inconvenient.

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Don't Ignore "Ugly" Toenails

Try not to cover them up.

When you coat your discolored or cracking nails with nail polish, this can cause more irritation and damage to your nails. If the nail is infected, thick, or crumbling, you will want to see a specialist for the best treatment.

If you see anything out of the ordinary, request an appointment today so we fix your foot problem fast!

Cedar Fort Foot Health Suggests Not Covering Up Ugly Toenils

Keep Your Feet in Check

Rogers Foot & Ankle Institute encourages you to examine your feet regularly to make sure they are in good shape. Here are just a couple of things you should look out for that will tell you how your feet are doing.

foot and ankle specialist


There are several conditions that cause the skin on your feet to turn a yellow, green, or brown color. Make sure you catch it!

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Unnatural Bumps

From bunions to unwanted warts, bumps on your feet may need treatment before your feet are back to normal.

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Dry or Peeling Skin

A dry foot is nothing to ignore due to athlete's foot and other ailments. Contact our doctors to find the best treatment.

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