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Stop Suffering from Heel Bone Pain

 We offer fast, professional Cedar Fort heel spur treatments to get you back on your feet and living a healthy, pain-free life!

Heel spurs can often be painless, but more often than not they are associated with inflammation and heel pain. Heel spurs can also be a symptom of plantar fasciitis, so its best to get any type of heel pain checked out by a professional & certified podiatrist. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment!

American Fork Runner Foot Pain Treatment

Get Back on Your Feet & Out of Pain!

Emergency and fast Cedar Fort heel spur relief.

If you are in pain, that's your body's way of telling you something is wrong. Our services can get you out of pain, and our expert podiatrist will talk to you about how to prevent future heel spur issues.

We're here to support you, and our office can even advise you on at-home remedies you can use to get quick relief.

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Our specialty trained doctors know it all, from odd colors to nagging heel or toe pain!

Our doctors are leading experts in the most up-to-date procedures and treatments. They are dedicated to continuing education, staying on the forefront of podiatric techniques.

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Reliable Foot Care for All Your Needs

Not sure what the problem may be? Here's a quick list of conditions you could be suffering from. Make an appointment today to get a professional diagnosis.

Patient with Damaged toenail visit Rogers Foot and Ankle

Ingrown toenails

My toenail is red and swollen and it hurts!

a man checks his aching foot at Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute

Diabetic Feet

I can't feel my toes and/or my feet.

patient at Rogers Foot and Ankle Clinic

Athlete’s foot

There's a funky smell coming from my feet and they itch.



My toes won't straighten.

podiatrist examines a bunion at Utah Clinic


My foot has a bump, and it hurts.

Painful heel with red spot on woman's foot

Heel Spurs

My heel hurts!

patient at foot and ankle doctor in Utah

Plantar Fascitis

My heel is making my life miserable!

Male person holding onto feet isolated towards white


Something's growing under my skin.

Preventative & Emergency Foot Care

No matter what type of foot or toenail pain you have, our certified podiatrists can help.