Chronic Ankle Instability

Diagnosing and Managing Chronic Ankle Instability

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Ankle Feeling Unstable or Giving Out?

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Many people do not pay much attention to their ankles until they have hurt them. One of the most common physical injuries is a sprained ankle. For this reason, many have started self-diagnosing and in turn, self-treating this condition. A sprained ankle though is something that needs to be taken care of properly and should include medical treatment as well as physical therapy to heal. Left untreated it can cause a condition called ankle instability.

What Is Ankle Instability?

Now you are probably wondering what ankle instability is and what the symptoms are. Ankle instability is a condition that develops when one has sprained their ankle, and it has not healed properly or completely. It is often called chronic ankle instability because of the recurring issues that occur. You will need to see your ankle doctor and discuss the extent of the damage you have.

The symptoms of ankle instability can include the sensation that your ankle is ready to give out when you are walking or in some cases just standing, discomfort and swelling, pain and tenderness in the affected area, or an unstable feeling when walking or standing with pressure on the ankle.

Ankle Instability Treatment

The most common treatments for ankle instability include physiotherapy, supportive treatments, and in some cases, surgery. Physiotherapy and an ankle brace are often used together for the greatest chance of recovery. Physiotherapy will be utilized to strengthen the muscles and surrounding ligaments in the ankle area. This type of therapy often shows results within the first few weeks. After each physiotherapy session, you will wear an ankle brace to protect from further damage while the tissues and muscles are healing. 

Should the damage be more than is treatable with physiotherapy, like when the ligaments have been stretched beyond their limits, surgery may be an option for recovery. After surgery, you will be following much the same process as without. Physiotherapy or physical therapy will be required to help in the recovery process. You will also probably be required to wear some kind of ankle brace until your doctor has said that you are completely healed.

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