We know what you are thinking!  NO, the Kitchen Sink NOT Included!

We specialize in EVERYTHING foot related!

Ankle Tensor Bandage at Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute

Traumatic injuries

Trauma Experts!

I can't walk on my foot. Is that bad?

Foot and toes injury x-ray scan

Broken Toes

You will "toe-tally" be fine!

We care and are there for you every step of your toe healing process!

doctor examining patient at foot clinic


We've got this!

Yes, the kind you get from toads.

Male person holding onto feet isolated towards white


Got a painful abnormal Lump?

Something's growing under my skin and pushing stuff out of it's way

foot doctor Utah

Ankle fracture

Ankle Problems?

My ankle hurts really, really bad

Foot examination Utah

Flat Footed?

Shoes don't fit?

We can help get you fitted with an insert specifically for you and your feet!

foot surgeon at Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute

Broken Feet?

We handle this ALL the time!

Broken feet are no fun! We are here to help!

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Gait Problems

Shuffles are our specialty!

I don't walk like most people do

EMERGENCIES? We will be there!

Give us a call for EVERYTHING Foot and ANKLE related!