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Diagnosing Flat Feet

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The condition known as flat feet simply refers to the way in which the arches of your feet have developed or not. If you have flat feet, that means the arches on the inside of your feet are flattened so that the entirety of the sole of your foot touches the ground when you stand up.

For many people, this condition happened at birth (infants and toddlers often have flat feet because their arches have yet to develop) and the arches simply never developed with age. Most people have no pain or ill effects from flat feet.

For some people, flat feet develops over time with age as your arches fall. Arch support insoles for flat feet can be useful here. Other risk factors for flat feet include obesity, foot or ankle injury, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and diabetes. In general, there is no pain associated with flat feet, but if there is pain in the heel or arch area or swelling around the ankle, contact a foot specialist such as those at Rogers Foot & Ankle.

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Flat Feet Treatment and Exercises

For those with flat feet who are not experiencing pain, no treatment is needed. When there is pain, your doctor will want to diagnose the issue by viewing the mechanics of your feet. By viewing the feet from the front and back while standing flat as well as up on your toes, a trained physician can begin to see where the pain may be coming from. 

More thorough imaging tests such as x-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, and MRIs can be done to see the hard and soft tissues and bones within your feet.

To relieve the pain that may be associated with your flat feet, your doctor may recommend orthotic devices such as arch supports or insoles for flat feet. Stretching exercises, especially for those with a shortened Achilles tendon, may be useful as well as physical therapy to strengthen your feet after an injury. Structurally supportive shoes for flat feet can provide you with the extra support you need that other shoes lack.

At Rogers Foot & Ankle, we specialize in all things foot-related, and our goal is to give you the care and attention you deserve during your diagnosis and treatment to get you back on your feet. Schedule an appointment with our foot and ankle experts to discuss your flat feet.

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