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Although gait problems and balance issues may not seem like specifically foot and ankle-related concerns, our doctors can help. If it involves your feet, we can handle it! Our specialists will take the time and care needed to properly diagnose your issue and prepare a specific treatment plan to meet your medical needs.

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What is Gait Abnormality?

Having a Hard Time Keeping Your Balance?

When it comes to the process of walking, keeping your balance, and your gait, they are all interconnected and rely on many different areas of your body. Parts including your eyes, ears, brain, muscles, and sensory nerves all have their roles. If one area which contributes to your balance is out of sync, the whole system can be thrown for a loop. 

A gait abnormality can have severe and possibly long-lasting effects on your body and way of life. A loss of balance can result in a fall which could leave you incapacitated. It is critical, then, if you experience gait issues or walking problems to seek the expert medical advice of an experienced doctor such as those at Rogers Foot & Ankle in Utah County.

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Why Am I Having Balance Problems?

Many problems can be caught early on

Depending on the cause of your gait issues or the particular type of gait abnormality you have (spastic, scissors, steppage, waddling, or propulsive), you may also experience associated balance problems. So much of our bodies are interconnected and when one area experiences a trauma or develops a condition it can severely impact other parts. If you are having balance problems, seek medical attention as soon as possible since it may be a symptom of a larger condition which may also affect your ability to walk and the way in which you walk.

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