Heel Pain Treatment in American Fork, Utah

Heel pain usually occurs either underneath the heel or behind it. The two pains are different, but both can be annoying, debilitating, and very painful. Because heel pain treatment is usually needed not from a single injury, but from repetitive stress to the heel, the pain might be less noticeable at first, but will get worse over time. Don’t let heel pain affect your life.

If you are in American Fork and need heel pain treatment, you’ve come to the right place! Our foot and ankle institute has some of the friendliest doctors in Utah County and will do everything they can to alleviate your heel pain.

 Pain Underneath the Heel

A common problem you could be experiencing is Chronic Inflammation of the heel pad, which is when your heel pad gets too thin, causing sensitivity. Your foot could also have unknown Stress Fractures.

Pain Behind the Heel

If you are experiencing pain behind your heel, it could be Heel Bursitis caused by landing awkwardly or heavily on the heel. Achilles Tendonitis, caused by tension on the Achilles tendon.

Be aware of your heels and feet and get your heel pain treatment today! We service American Fork and cities surrounding. Call our American Fork facility at (801) 756-4200 or request an appointment online. We guarantee positive results as you meet with our doctors to get you back on your feet!

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