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Ingrown Toenail Treatment Near Lindon

Are you ready to get back to a pain-free life? Rogers Foot & Ankle can provide ingrown toenail treatment near Lindon with one of our two convenient office locations in either Saratoga Springs or American Fork. Give us a call today! 801-756-4200

  • Certified doctors: We have a team of specialty-trained podiatrists on staff who can help with all types of foot problems
  • Convenient offices: With 2 locations to choose from, our patients can schedule at the office that fits their schedule
  • Fast service: Our team can provide both preventative and emergency care

Ingrown Toenail Treatments & Nail Removal

In severe cases of ingrown toenails, oftentimes the nail needs to be cut off and removed. This is especially effective for people who have been experiencing chronic long-term ingrown toenails and can take care of the problem permanently. We can perform ingrown toenail surgery right at our locations, so there is no hassle to you!

For more minor cases, we can also prescribe either oral or topical medications to help get rid of the infection. Our team is also happy to provide at-home remedies for ingrown toenail treatment near Lindon so that you can get fast pain relief. Some common home remedies include soaking your toe/foot in a warm bath, padding the nail with cotton, and applying an antiseptic.

Ingrown Toenail Symptoms

If you are unsure if your toe pain is coming from an ingrown nail, take a look at this list of common symptoms:

  • Your nail is curved and looks like it is growing into your skin
  • Your toe is painful to the touch and/or swollen
  • The area around your nail is red and/or swollen

In addition to these symptoms, there can also be drainage around the area along with an unpleasant odor.

If you think you have an ingrown toenail contact us to schedule an appointment to get it taken care of. We are proud to be a trusted provider for all of Utah County. Our service is second to none and we provide a high level of individualized care.

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