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If a fractured ankle has been keeping you from doing the things you love, then you need professional treatment to get back on your feet! Living in pain is never fun, and we are here to help you get the relief you need. It's always best to seek immediate treatment if you think you have fractured your ankle, so as to avoid possible long-term problems.

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Fractured ankles can be caused by a lot of common activities, such as sports, running, or even a simple misstep while going up or down the stairs. The fracture can range from a simple break in the bone to several related fractures.

Lindon ankle fractures have a variety of different treatments based on the type of fracture and symptoms you are experiencing. Some may require that you not put weight on your ankle for several months, and some may be treated by wearing a brace or boot.

How Do I Know if I've Broken or Fractured My Ankle?

You always want to have your ankle evaluated by a professional doctor if you are in pain. Some of the symptoms that may let you know you have possible fractured your ankle include:

  • Immediate and sharp pain
  • Swelling around the joint
  • Bruising around the joint
  • Inability to place weight on your injured foot
  • Out of place joint / ankle looks odd
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