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If you have been experiencing pain in the ball of your foot or the area between your toes, you may be looking for relief in the wrong places. If this is persistent pain, it may be time to visit with your podiatrist. You could be dealing with neuromas and not even know it!

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Symptoms of Neuroma

First, you need to know what neuromas are and what symptoms to be looking for. A neuroma (also called a pinched nerve) is a benign growth of the nerve tissue most often found in the area of the third and fourth toes. This pinching of the nerve can often cause pain, tingling, numbness, and a burning sensation in the toe area and the ball of your foot. Another common symptom is a feeling of walking on a pebble. All of these issues will often worsen with walking.

Many who have experienced the symptoms associated with neuromas say they can usually find some relief with stopping their current activity, removal of their shoes, and massaging the area in which they are feeling these sensations. If you are experiencing these symptoms of neuroma, you want to schedule an appointment with your foot doctor and discuss your treatment options.

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If you are experiencing foot pain that is not relieved by rest, schedule an appointment at our American Fork or Saratoga Springs offices and let our compassionate staff and let us get you comfortably on your feet again.

Neuroma Examination and Treatment

When you are visiting with your podiatrist to discuss neuroma, your examination may include x-rays, MRI, and ultrasound. Your doctor will also apply pressure in a physical examination of the area. These exams will allow your doctor to diagnose the severity of your neuroma and plan adequate treatment for its relief. 

There are many forms of neuroma treatment available, depending on the severity and individual need. The first line of treatment will generally include rest, wearing shoes that have thick or cushioned soles to relieve pressure on the area, avoidance of high heels or tight-fitting shoes, and massage. This first line of treatment may also include shoe inserts that cushion the affected area and provide relief from the pain.

If your podiatrist finds that none of these treatments are providing the necessary relief, they may recommend surgery to remove part of the nerve that is causing the issue. After the surgery, you would have a time of rest and physical therapy to allow you to regain motion and strengthen the affected area to avoid further damage.

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