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6 Signs You Should See A Foot Doctor

Aug 19, 2021
6 Signs You Should See A Foot Doctor
A podiatrist or foot doctor specializes in treating issues and conditions in the foot and lower leg. With their targeted qualifications and expertise, podiatrists can help you with a variety of challenges that can hinder the comfort and functions......

A podiatrist or foot doctor specializes in treating issues and conditions in the foot and lower leg. With their targeted qualifications and expertise, podiatrists can help you with a variety of challenges that can hinder the comfort and functions of your feet. 

With that being said, since a podiatrist is not a general practitioner (GP), deciding to visit a foot doctor can be a tricky subject. In many cases, it is difficult to identify whether you should skip seeing your GP in favor of a podiatrist. 

However, this confusion can cause unnecessary delays in getting your required treatment. As a result, you may have to bear the painful symptoms of your condition longer than necessary. 

If you are looking for help with your foot pain in American Fork, UT, then reach out to us at Rogers Foot and Institute, our professionals deal with foot and ankle conditions and are happy to help you. Whether you hail from American Fork or another nearby area and have had trouble with foot health, heal pain, and other foot and ankle issues, we are here to help.

Find out how our podiatric medicine practice will help you with your heel painplantar fasciitisingrown toenails, or other foot and ankle problems.

To help you steer clear of this problem and maintain your feet’ health at all times, here are 6 signs you should see a foot doctor without a delay. This ensures that you can skip any avoidable hurdles and swiftly get the treatment you need.

1. You Experience Unexplained Pain

Inexplicable yet noticeable pain in your foot, ankle, or lower leg is one of the primary signs to see a foot doctor. In many instances, this pain can arise out of joint pain or arthritis in the foot and ankle. In other scenarios, it can occur due to a muscular or nervous problem. 

By going to a podiatrist, you can get a thorough checkup and consequent tests that properly diagnose the root cause of your pain. This can open doors to targeted treatment, which can help you find effective relief.

You obtain information from those who have experience in podiatric medicine by visiting the Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute and obtaining help with heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and other foot and ankle issues. If you require custom orthotics or other forms of podiatric medicine, our professionals at the Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute are here to help.

2. You Have Constant Numbness In Your Foot

It is normal for your feet to go numb with interrupted blood flow due to weight pressure or elevated position. But that numbness gets resolved as soon as you readjust your foot or resume proper blood flow to it again. However, if you feel a constant numbness in your foot, it might be an indication of a bigger problem. 

In some cases, nerve damage can cause numbness to appear out of nowhere. In other situations, it can stem from an injury. There are various other possible causes of the problem as well. That is why it’s important that you reach out to a podiatrist for timely diagnosis and treatment. 

Our professionals at the Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute are here to address your heel pain, provide foot care and look at issues related to your Achilles tendon, ingrown toenail, nerve problems, or other matters.

3. You Have A Sprain Causing Discomfort Or Pain

No matter how old you are, spraining your foot is always a painful experience. But in some cases, it can grow even more problematic than usual. If you have recently sprained or twisted your foot and cannot shake off the discomfort, pain, or stiffness, it is time to reach out to a podiatrist. 

It is because these symptoms can often occur out of a major joint sprain, which could lead to tearing your ligaments or tissues that connect the joints. For effective resolution, you need the help of a foot doctor and personalized treatment for the condition. 

Our patients know that they can come to us for their sports medicine, ankle care, wound care, and general needs. We even provide preventative care and make sure to provide patients with the right help from their very first visit.

4. You Have A Case Of Bunions

Bunions are evident bumps that appear on the outside of your big toe’s joint. They not only cause a malformation of your foot’s appearance but also lead to other issues such as perpetual pain and discomfort. Bunions can often occur in both feet, which causes double the problems in terms of mobility challenges. 

Bunion treatment is performed by qualified podiatrists, who perform physically as well as radiological exams to determine the best course of treatment. This ensures that you can resolve this painful condition with the help of specialized experts.

5. You Have Corns Or Calluses

Corns or calluses can appear on certain parts of the sole of your foot. These hard formations on your skin can be extremely painful to the point of rendering you immobile. While over-the-counter medications can help soothe the pain, some calluses and corn need a podiatrist to intervene for effective treatment.

Once you reach out to your foot doctor, you can go through a physical exam to determine the best line of treatment for the issue. You may also need to change your footwear, but this recommendation depends on a case-to-case basis. 

6. You Have Fungus In Your Toenails

Toenail fungus is quite contagious and can spread through touching an infected person or even an infected surface. When this particular category of fungus attacks your toenails, it can cause them to become discolored and hard to the touch. The problem can also lead to distorted shapes of your toenails. 

If your toenails have one or more of these symptoms that do not seem to go away with self-care at home, you need direct treatment from a podiatrist. After checking the state of your toenail fungus, your foot doctor can take precise steps to remove it. 

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By keeping an eye out for these signs, you can know exactly when you reach out to a foot doctor. This can ensure that you are not experiencing any delays in receiving the treatment that you require. 

At American Fork, UT, our highly qualified team can help you obtain effective treatment for conditions related to the foot, ankle, and lower leg. Whether you need a proper diagnosis, effective treatment, or a second opinion, our team is right here to help. 

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