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Best Plantar Wart Removal In Eagle Mountain

Jun 23, 2021
Best Plantar Wart Removal In Eagle Mountain
Health issues that occur due to issues with the immune system can be quite a problem for many different individuals. The reason why this is an issue is that the immune system provides defense and helps individuals to go about their day-to-day.....

Health issues that occur due to issues with the immune system can be quite a problem for many different individuals. The reason why this is an issue is that the immune system provides defense and helps individuals to go about their day-to-day lives without any issues. But when the immune system is compromised to a certain extent that can invite a whole host of problems. That is what one can see with the phenomenon of plantar warts.

If you are suffering from the issue of plantar warts, you must ensure to visit a professional at the Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute. The right professional will provide medical advice and tell you more about black dots. Once they provide medical advice, diagnosis and ways to move forward, then you can look into ways to solve or deal with the plantar wart issue.

Here is what you must know about plantar warts, how they relate to the human papillomavirus, and if warts are common. You may also learn about what a doctor may tell you if you come into direct contact with this plantar wart issue within your life. This simple guide will help you to learn if plantar warts go away, the home treatments you can rely on, and general health information that can prove useful for your general or painful warts.

What Is A Plantar Wart And How Do They Form?

Warts are prevalent skin conditions that affect millions of people every year, but one of the most common forms of warts is the plantar wart that affects roughly one million people every year. Plantar warts are hard or grainy growth that appears at the bottom of feet and toes. Indeed, areas with the plantar wart have small black dots on the surface of the feet or toes which may occur in more than one place, these plantar wart issues cause discomfort and pain to the victims during walking or standing and are easily contracted lasting up to 2 years if left untreated. 

Plantar warts are caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) of many types. The virus attacks the already injured, cut, or weak skin at the bottom of the feet, heels, and toes and might not surface until several weeks or even months have passed. The pressure of the sole of the feet with the ground during walking causes the wart to grow inward.

How To Identify The Type Of Wart You Have?

There are different kinds of warts and they can be identified through their appearance and the region or body part they affect such as the hands, fingers, or even face. If there is a non-cancerous growth at the back of the hands, fingers, feet, and the skins near the fingers that are small, rough, and hard, those are called common warts and may have been caused due to excessive finger biting or other matters. 

If the warts are spiky and are located in any region around your face, they are called filiform warts. Warts also affect the genital areas and look like clusters of scattered bumps resembling a cauliflower arranged around the genital, they are signs of sexually transmitted Infections and are often really hard to treat. If the warts are mainly around the fingernails and toenails, they are known as periungual warts.

The occurrence of warts on the body is not dangerous nor life-threatening with only extreme cases presenting themselves in the form of pain or difficulty in walking, it is a source of embarrassment to a lot of people, hence the need for a cure. Most warts clear up by themselves, while some kinds of warts do not, this is the reason why several treatment methods have been adopted to treat warts and one of the most common treatments is the use of ducts. 

Different Treatment Options Available For Removing Warts

There are several ways that individuals will seek to deal with plantar warts so that they can enjoy a better quality of life. Here are a few ways that individuals can deal with their war situation.

Duct Tape

Duct tapes are useful in the treatment of warts in some people. It involves completely covering the wart region with duct tape, which is usually around the toenails or fingernails, for a few days. Then one would soak the wart in water then finally rub off the wart to remove it. This method needs to be done several times before results can be seen. Indeed, warts may linger for some time for some individuals for a variety of reasons and so persistence is key.


You may not have heard about cantharidin before but can be useful in solving plantar warts, helping to make them go away.

The application of cantharidin on the affected area is also quite popular. A dermatologist will apply cantharidin and cover it up with blisters for a week or depending on the severity. After the waiting time, the person returns to have warts clipped off the skin.

It is repeated for people with several warts. Other chemical compounds such as salicylic acid are used in the place of cantharidin. Professionals find that salicylic acid can be quite helpful in removing plantar warts as well. If you find that you might need salicylic acid for your plantar warts, remember to discuss this with your professional provider at places such as the Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute.

Over the Counter Freezing Treatments

The use of over-the-counter freezing treatments to dry off warts for easy scraping. Dermatologists often apply cryotherapy or freezing therapy by using liquid nitrogen on warts. This liquid nitrogen technique causes a blister to form around and under warts for easy removal. It is not often used in children due to its painful nature.

Laser Treatment For Plantar Warts

The use of lasers is also employed by burning the tiny blood vessels surrounding warts thereby causing warts to die due to lack of blood and eventually fall off. Another uncommon method is surgery. The dermatologist cuts off the affected region which often leads to scarring.

Common Myths About Plantar Warts

Warts can affect anybody in any region of the body, its occurrence can mean many different things. That is why it is no surprise that individuals will want to meet with professionals at places like the Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute.

One of the popular myths of warts is that it is caused by toads, this has been debunked several times because toads do not cause any skin diseases. Toads can cause illnesses but they are not known for their plantar warts affiliation.

Another is that warts are contagious and can be spread from one person to another, this is not true because warts are a growth in the skin and that cannot be spread, the virus causing the warts is the contagious one. 

Tips On How To Prevent Future Occurrences Of Warts In Your Feet

When warts are treated they do not grow back because they don’t possess roots, once they are properly sloughed off they die. Warts on the face do not make anyone a witch or wizard, they are just warts.

Since warts are popular skin conditions, there is a need to protect oneself from warts and the main way to protect oneself is to be hygienic, wash all your clothing materials to avoid diseases. Wash your hands properly, most especially after a visit to a busy place such as the subway. 

Protect your hands and your feet when you are in public places by avoiding contact with items and wear protective footwear. Do not touch other people’s wart with your bare hands as there is a high risk of contracting HPV from such persons. Avoid sharing spoons and eating utensils with unknown people to avoid the spread of HPV. 

Protect yourself when engaging in sexual intercourse to prevent STIs and genital warts or avoid any sexual relations with people that have genital warts until they get it treated. Get young children vaccinated against HPV to protect them from infections and future warts.

Contact The Trusted Podiatrist In Eagle Mountain

For any case of warts infection on any part of the skin contact the trusted podiatrist located in Eagle Mountain. We are experts in foot and ankle care available within business hours to cater to your comfort. You will have the opportunity to have a one on one conversation with our registered medical personnel on any foot and ankle-related issue. Our professionals at Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute will provide advice on diagnosis or treatment options and will advise on plantar cases under the latest guidelines and information from Mayo Clinic and other institutions.

You get to be treated with our state-of-the-art equipment that covers a broad spectrum of treatments, our hospitable environment will ensure you have a splendid experience. We do not only offer therapy and treatment to our customers, but we also follow up on your healing journey to ensure you are 100% fit.

We understand the value of treatment options and how a wart may affect your life and your overall health. Our goal is to ensure that we look at the site and then ensure to take action so that it does not become more painful than it already is at the present moment.

Our holistic view on medicine ensures that we take care of the entire problem so that you can live a better life.

Why not visit us today at our location and get that wart removed once and for all?