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Beyond Foot Pain: 5 Benefits of Custom Orthotics You Didn't Know About

Oct 06, 2023
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Did you know the right orthotic can deliver benefits well beyond symptom relief? Keep reading to explore the five benefits of custom orthotics.

By the time you look into custom orthotics, you might have tried over-the-counter shoe inserts, different kinds of footwear, and at-home stretches and strengthening exercises. These measures can bring you some relief, but it’s usually short-lived.

Fortunately, custom orthotics are different. Because our team at Rogers Foot & Ankle Institute tailors these inserts to your specific feet, they perform better than over-the-counter options. We create your personalized orthotics at our offices in American Fork and Saratoga Springs, Utah. Here are some benefits of custom orthotics that you might not know about. 

#1: Arch support

Your arch plays a significant role in the way your feet function. Without it, your feet would struggle to distribute your weight correctly as you move. 

That’s a problem because many people live with flat feet. Fortunately, the right orthotic can add the support your foot needs, essentially creating the arch of your foot.  

#2: Ankle stabilization

When you have an abnormality in your foot or ankle, it puts extra strain on the support structures in the area. The ligaments and tendons in your foot and ankle have to work harder.

With a custom orthotic, we can correct the issue, helping to stabilize not just your foot but also your ankle. 

#3: Knee and hip alignment

When the foot and ankle work together the way they should, the positive effect ripples upward. 

Proper foot function helps keep your hips and knees in alignment. When your knees and hips don’t have to compensate, it can save you from joint pain now and in the future. 

#4: Foot fatigue prevention 

Custom orthotics provide support and structure where your foot needs it. That means the components in your foot — muscles, tendons, and ligaments — aren’t straining to get you through your day. As a result, you might notice you can spend more time on your feet without them feeling tired and achy. 

#5: Balance

Because the custom orthotics evenly distribute your weight across your feet and correct abnormalities, they help with balance. In fact, studies have started exploring orthotics as a fall prevention measure in older adults. If you’ve been feeling unsteady on your feet or want to implement a fall-prevention measure, orthotics can help. 

Clearly, custom orthotics can do a lot not just for your feet, but for you as a whole. Different types of orthotics can accomplish different goals, too. To explore what your foot needs and get a pair tailored for you, contact our team at the Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute by calling (801) 756-4200.