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Bunion Pain And Your Overall Health In American Fork

May 25, 2021
Bunion Pain And Your Overall Health In American Fork
The term “bunion” refers to a condition that occurs in the joints of your big toe. Bunions take place when the bone structure at the front of your foot shifts from its usual form. When this happens, the joint in your big toe sticks out and creates a bump..

The term “bunion” refers to a condition that occurs in the joints of your big toe. Bunions take place when the bone structure at the front of your foot shifts from its usual form. When this happens, the joint in your big toe sticks out and creates a bump, while the tip of your big toe leans towards your smaller toes.

Since bunions affect the joint of your toe, they can be extremely painful to live with. With it, they can also cause other functional problems that interfere with a healthy lifestyle. That is why you must look into relieving bunion pain and managing the condition as soon as you notice it. 

At Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute, our specialized experts can help you find bunion pain treatment in American Fork, Utah. Through our qualified healthcare professionals and targeted approaches, we can help you manage and treat the condition for long-term relief. Whether you have been experiencing painful bunion issues for a while or recently started noticing its symptoms, our solutions remain just a call away.

From suggesting ice to other treatments, our professionals look at your severe situation and provide options that add the most value for your situation. Here is what you must know to improve your position with this bunionette issue today. You can find out whether you need a surgeon or if you are one of the many patients who can gain help in other ways.

Bunion Pain: Symptoms And Causes

Unlike many other skeletal conditions that are often hard to differentiate from one another, bunion pain is relatively easy to identify. With that being said, it is usually only detectable when the condition has grown past a certain extent and becomes visibly noticeable. It is essential to know what would bring your body to develop bunions, it can also help to know what issues cause bunions within your life.

You would want to ensure to take action on this matter of bunions before it turns into something that can be a bigger problem overall. Whether it requires a change of shoes, reduction in high heels, or other lifestyle changes, your doctor will let you know to ensure your overall quality of life.

Due to this reason, it is vital to reach out to a healthcare professional as soon as you start noticing bunion pain in the joints of your big toe. In some cases, bunion pain occurs on the other side of your foot in the joints of your small toe. This condition also forms a small outwards bump and often gets referred to as bunionettes or small bunions. 

Some of the most common symptoms that are associated with bunion pain include the following. 

  • Outward bump that is visible on the frontal side of your food and the joint of your big toe. 
  • Reddened skin, swelling, or sores at the base of your big toe.
  • Little to no mobility in your big toe. 
  • Friction-induced/pressure-induced corns or calluses are usually present on the tips of your big toe and second toe. 
  • Radiating pain from the base of your big toe that might be consistent or occur at irregular intervals.

In the case of bunionettes, the symptoms that occur at the base of your big toe are felt at the base of your small toe instead. In either case, you must look into bunion pain treatment in American Fork, UT.

Some of the top causes of bunion pain include:

  • Arthritis.
  • Natural foot shape.
  • Preexistent foot deformity. 
  • Regularly wearing tight or narrow footwear. 

How Bunion Or Big Toe Pain Affect Your Overall Health

If left untreated, bunion pain can affect more than just your foot. Since the pain can grow to a point where it affects your willingness to walk, exercise, or maintain the required level of mobility, it can affect your overall health. 

Fitness Issues

When you are not getting the required level of movement consistently, it can cause your bone and muscle strength issues. In some cases, other contributing factors can lead to problematic conditions such as heart disease or hypertension. 

Weight Gain

In many cases, the loss of movement can also lead you to gain excessive weight, leading to various problems related to obesity. In turn, the higher level of pressure from increased weight can also worsen your bunion pain and cause it to flare up more frequently. 

Gait Problems

If your bunion pain is not treated and the deformity of your foot stays in place, it can also cause issues with your walking style or gait. This can create long-term complications for your health and overall lifestyle. That is why it’s critical to seek bunion pain treatment in American Fork, UT, at the first signs of the condition.

Joint Pain

If your bunion pain is not treated, it can also lead to long-term joint pain or foot arthritis due to constant friction and tissue damage. As a result, the pain that radiates from the base of your big toe can effectively turn permanent. 

Toe Damage

Untreated bunion pain can also cause undue pressure on your other toes and cause them to develop issues such as ingrown nails, calluses, as well as bent toes or hammertoes. This could cause long-term issues with the health of your foot.

Calluses And Corns

If you are suffering from bunion pain, you may shift your weight constantly on the other parts of your feet. This can cause your toes as well as the balls of your foot to be affected by pressure and form calluses and corns. This can open doors to increased pain and mobility issues. 

The larger issues on overall health can be different for everyone. That is why it is important that rather than waiting to find out how bunion pain may affect your health, you have the problem treated through the help of qualified professionals.

If You Suffer From Hallux Valgus Do You Require Bunion Surgery?

If you find issues at the joint at the base of your large toe or notice issues with the toe joint, should you opt for surgery to relieve pain? If the issues at the base of the big toe are prominent and seem like it is out of hand, your doctor or medical professional at places like the Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute may look at pain and swelling among other issues to see further actions.

Your medical professional will look to understand aspects like the fluid-filled sac for bunion surgery. From aspects such as bony bump to other foot problems, your medical professional will seek to assess the extent of your pain. If you are finding difficulty with fitting shoes or seek to find out how to move forward without surgery, then medical professionals at the Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute may offer medical advice that can help you.

Bunion Pain Relief

Bunion pain relief in American Fork, UT can be obtained through different approaches. These measures can range from simple lifestyle changes to targeted medical treatments. Depending upon the condition and extent of your bunion, a qualified healthcare professional can guide you towards the ideal treatment methods.

Some of the most common ways to find relief from bunion pain include the following.

Wearing the right kind of shoes. Using loose and flexible shoes can prevent further aggravation of your bunion. This includes sandals, soft leather shoes, and comfortable sneakers. Avoid wearing narrow shoes such as stilettos or hard leather shoes with a tight fit.

Using special padding. Wearing your footwear with moleskin or gel-filled padding over your bunion can also help in a significant manner. This ensures that you don’t feel significant pain or cause the bunion to be aggravated further. Bunion pads can be of assistance to many different people. These different types of pads don’t require surgery or compel one to turn to surgery.

Utilizing shoe inserts. You can also try using shoe inserts or shoe orthoses that can help you become more comfortable in wearing your footwear. This also supports you in managing foot balancing issues. It can help you with your inflammation and relieve issues related to this problem.

Wearing nighttime splints. Trying on a nighttime splint before going to bed can also ease discomfort and help you get your bunion into shape. These splints can be worn every day and taken as a long-term treatment. 

Obtaining cold therapy. You can also apply ice packs or cold-gel packs on top of your bunion to ease discomfort and pain. This is particularly helpful when your bunion pain is unmanageable or significantly noticeable.

Using over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. OTC medication such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can also help you with pain relief. Your healthcare professional can advise exactly what type of OTC medication to take. 

Getting massage therapy. In many cases, massage therapy can also help you with bunion pain relief. This approach makes sure that you don’t have to rely on long-term use of medications. When used in combination with other measures, massage therapy can return wondrous results. 

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At the Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute, our qualified professionals specialize in the treatment of bunion pain as well as its associated symptoms. No matter the extent of your pain, our seasoned experts can help you obtain targeted treatment to alleviate your pain and help you live a healthier lifestyle. 

To see how our solutions can help, don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment today. We will be glad to examine your bunion problem and assist you in finding the right pain relief methods for your specific case.

Our patients tell us about their bunionette, their inflammation, and severe issues, and our professionals look at the range of motion and other factors related to the health of our patients. Reach out today to gain help in minimizing painful experiences related to this condition.