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Common Causes Of Ankle Pain In Eagle Mountain, UT

Jun 23, 2021
Common Causes Of Ankle Pain In Eagle Mountain, UT
Your ankles are the most special supportive part of the legs. They are very critical contributors to your level of mobility and your quality of life. A bit of pain in this area can certainly lower your mobility and quality of life.

Your ankles are the most special supportive part of the legs. They are very critical contributors to your level of mobility and your quality of life. A bit of pain in this area can certainly lower your mobility and quality of life.

That is indeed far from a stretch of the imagination.

Imagine taking a small walk around your area and encountering an unexpected plank or a collection of small pebbles. Well, a small hit into these stumbling blocks could cause havoc on your ankle if you don’t pay the necessary attention.

There’s nothing as painful as the common injuries caused on your ankles any time you experience an awkward roll, a leg twist, or a turn that leaves unending effects on the ligaments of your legs. The effects of these awkward moments are out rightly manifested on key joints like those at the ankle region. In essence, they are these moments that leave you spending a huge portion of your finances treating sprained ankles.

Those in the Eagle Mountain area are aware of the dangers of the ankle joint issues and the pain that could be associated with it for a variety of reasons. From the pain and swelling that one may experience due to ankle joint matters to the need to relieve pain, individuals will seek out advice from the professionals at Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute.

But why would individuals in the Eagle Mountain area understand the issues that relate to pain ankle joint origination? It is because they know what can cause ankle pain. They understand the swelling and pain, the wear and tear, and factors that can affect the lower leg. Indeed, many people stay active in the Eagle Mountain area.

The area compels individuals to go for a walk in the mountains, to gaze at the stars, celebrate the Pony Express, hit the links, to jump on ATVs and ride around, and even going to places like Evermore Park, one can find quite a bit to do outdoors. That is what makes the place so exciting. But of course, depending on types of arthritis or other foot problems, one should watch out and be cautious as they move around.

What Can Cause Ankle Pain?

Here are a few of the issues or the common causes of ankle pain in the Eagle Mountain area. Whether you deal with foot issues, connective tissue, weight, bone, heel bone, feet, or other elements that could create ankle pain, our professionals at the Roger Foot and Ankle Institute are here for you.

Ankle sprains

Ankle sprains are one of the more common causes that individuals must think about as they look at the origins of ankle pain.

Sprains are the most common causes of ankle pain in Eagle Mountain. In essence, sprains manifest in the form of tears in the ankle tissues (particularly the ligaments). Remember that ligaments play a crucial role in controlling your motion as they hold the bones of the ankle region together.

Ankle sprains may happen when your feet experience a sideways roll. There are tendencies that your ankles may experience swells or bruises when they roll. Individuals who experience sprained ankles tend to complain of their inability to put weight on these essential body organs.

You may return to your normal condition if you experience a light ankle sprain in Eagle Mountain. However, a physician may recommend a short cast followed by physical therapy sessions whenever the sprain worsens. Generally, the RICE model (rest, ice for 20 minutes, elastic bandage compression, and ankle elevation) is widely applied when dealing with sprained ankles.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is one factor that affects individuals in various areas from the foot to other areas.

The human body has a strong defense mechanism that is backed by the immune system. In essence, the immune system prevents disease invasion by fighting against germs. However, there are tendencies that the issues may take place where elements attack body joints by mistake. Physicians refer to this condition as rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis usually affects the same joint on either side of the body. In this case, rheumatoid arthritis will attack both the right and left ankles. There are tendencies that the two ankles will hurt if you are a victim of rheumatoid arthritis.

The condition will be accompanied by lots of pain, stiffness, and swelling in the ankle region. Ankle pains resulting from rheumatoid arthritis could be lessened through exercise, physical therapy, and prescription of special shoes, inserts, and drugs.


Lupus is an autoimmune condition that stirs your body to initiate attacks against healthy tissues. The effects of lupus on your ankles could be two-fold. The condition may either attack your ankles directly or could initiate kidney problems that will cause fluids to build up in the joint region.

While there is no cure for lupus, your physician may recommend a few medications that will keep the condition under control. Similarly, lupus can be put to control when the affected person adheres to a healthy diet and exercises regularly.


Have you ever heard people (particularly the elderly) complaining about gnashes in the joint region? Joints are formed in the region where two bones meet. On the other hand, cartilages are meant to provide proper cushioning and covering to the end of each bone.

Osteoarthritis tends to eat the cartilages that surround the bones. Cartilages eaten with osteoarthritis expose bones to a direct rubbing effect which could be painful when manifested in bones that experience continuous motion like the ankles.

Osteoarthritis could be detrimental if not addressed with the attention it deserves. It would be a great idea to visit a physician for a few professional examinations. In most cases, medics will recommend the use of steroid shots and anti-inflammatory drugs to minimize the swelling effect.

Medications will reduce the swells. Similarly, it would be a great idea to start physical therapy sessions to strengthen your bones and ligaments. 


Gout is known to be a disease of the toes. However, your ankle could be a great culprit too. In essence, gout occurs when metabolic wastes, particularly uric acid accumulates in your joints while assuming a needle-like shape. The accumulated uric acid causes a lot of swelling that is accompanied by immense pain. In most cases, doctors prescribe proper exercising, special diets, and rest among people with gout.


Most diabetics are very susceptible to foot challenges like ankle pain. In the real sense, diabetes creates a condition known as neuropathy which limits the sensitivity levels of the neurons throughout the body. Diabetics with neuropathy may never notice that they have foot injuries particularly in the joint areas like the ankle. Therefore, the resulting injuries may go untreated for long until it is too late to initiate the necessary corrections. Diabetics with ankle pains are advised to make frequent medical checkups to limit the chances that the injury will turn into an infection.

Achilles tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis manifests as an inflammation of the Achilles tendon located in the lower back of the human leg. In essence, the condition is common among individuals who expose their Achilles tendons to intense and repeated strains particularly through running and jumping without taking enough rest between physical exercise sessions. The strains lead to ankle pains if continued without guidance from a medical professional at places such as the Rogers Foot And Ankle Institute. The Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute is here for you with advice on diagnosis or treatment for your ankle pain-needs.

Best Way To Relieve Ankle Pain

Some causes of ankle pain are more serious than others and should be addressed by a doctor as soon as possible Whether your ankle pain is caused by a disease or a physical issue, it is important to seek proper podiatric care and attention from a qualified physician. 

A foot and ankle surgeon will provide a proper diagnosis of the condition and the necessary treatment procedure.

Leading Ankle Pain Treatment In Eagle Mountain, UT

Your doctors at Rogers foot and Ankle Institute can provide medical advice, diagnosis and more treatment options that will reduce swelling, increase overall health, and minimize further infection or other issues.

From ankle arthritis, foot ankle issues to general medical advice diagnosis and care for your health, our professionals are there for you. Our professionals understand the various issues that affect the ankle, the issues that cause pain, and can deal with severe pain at our clinic. They will assess your symptoms, understand the state of your health and talk to you about your toes, muscles, shoe support, and other factors that make sense for you.

Reach out to your professionals at the Roger Foot and Ankle Institute for treatment, discussion on connective tissues, moving forward with injury progress. Treat your Ankle Pain, contact Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute in Eagle Mountain, UT. We are pleased to improve your health at our clinic with the right solutions that can meet your needs.