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Common Treatments Offered By A Foot And Ankle Doctor

Jan 04, 2023
Common Treatments Offered By A Foot And Ankle Doctor
Foot and ankle problems can be hard for people who are used to moving around freely and like to walk long distances to places like the stadium or the movies. The freedom abruptly ends when foot and ankle discomfort makes it difficult to move the legs.

Foot and ankle problems can be hard for people who are used to moving around freely and like to walk long distances to places like the stadium or the movies. The freedom abruptly ends when foot and ankle discomfort makes it difficult to move the legs.

Everyone must keep healthy feet, as that plays a vital role in the lives of many, especially athletes. What function would an athlete’s foot serve if it was not in proper condition? It would definitely be useless. The fact remains that our feet and ankles are our primary means of propulsion.

At Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute, our ankle specialists know how crippling foot and ankle injuries can be. We are prepared to relieve you of whatever is causing you pain. We will get you back on your feet and restore your ankle health so that you can be active.

Who Is A Foot And Ankle Doctor?

A foot and ankle specialist is often known as a foot doctor. They completed a curriculum to gain a thorough understanding of the skeletal and muscular anatomy of the ankle and feet, as well as their mobility compartments.

They are doctors whose primary focus is on treating foot and ankle disorders such as ankle fractures and the side effects of chronic diseases such as diabetes.

When your feet or ankles are hurt, they can treat you with medication, perform surgery, straighten shattered bones, or order X-rays. They frequently coordinate with other doctors to ensure that your limb receives enough attention and treatment.

What Diseases Do Podiatrists Treat?

It is an essential aspect of our job to treat your disease and ensure we concentrate on accurately diagnosing your illness to choose the most suitable treatment plan for you.

We have included some of the foot-related diseases we treat in the lines below:

• Ankle Sprains And Fractures

These conditions frequently affect the feet or ankles, and podiatrists make themselves available to treat such wounds. Additionally, they practice sports medicine and treat athletes’ foot issues. They get related to these and provide advice on how to prevent them.

• Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that causes heel pain—a calcium deposit at the base of the heel bone (heel spurs). Heel pain or plantar fasciitis occurs in those with problematic arches—excessively flat or high-arched feet.

The two groups most affected by this ailment are athletes and women who frequently wear high heels because they put extra strain on the ligaments that run across the bottom of their feet. Some might have to undergo ankle surgery if the pain persists after recommending pain relief or shoe inserts called orthotics.

It is safer for you to receive treatment early before the pain aggravates into a more complex situation.

• Ingrown Toenails

When a fungal infection affects the toenail, it can cause a nail disorder that develops as a red, blistering, swollen, and excruciatingly painful condition. It occurs when a nail develops into your toe from the corner or side rather than the usual place.

The common causes of ingrown toenails can be hereditary, overly harsh toenail trimming, damage to the toe, improperly worn shoe, and contaminated pedicure tools. Our licensed feet and ankle doctor can treat your ingrown toenail under a local anesthetic.

• Diabetes

People with diabetes experience lowered immunity or low insulin production, which affects how sugar is metabolized in the system. Diabetes increases the risk of infection when you have an injury or sore on your foot, which can result in plantar warts—a foot infection.

If you take preventive measures to have diabetic foot care to look over any sores or calluses on your feet, a podiatrist can help prevent the complications resulting from diabetes.

• Hammertoes

Wearing uncomfortable shoes for an extended period can put the toes in an abnormal pending position because of the strain and tension that has been put upon the toes. Consult with our foot doctors immediately if you have such a problem. They know the appropriate treatment for your condition.

• Arthritis Foot Pain

There are several cases of disorders that are collectively referred to as arthritis. You may experience pain, swelling, and inflammation around your bone joint and other areas of your body.

Identifying the type of arthritis that is causing your pain is essential because a variety of conditions can cause foot pain. You can locate the solution by knowing the key signs of arthritic foot pain.

Your podiatrist may advise physical therapy, medication, or special footwear to help manage your arthritis; depending on the type that you are experiencing, surgery might be recommended to lessen the uncomfortable situations.

When To Seek Professional Help To Deal With Foot And Ankle Pain

Many people frequently complain of aching feet and swollen ankles, yet in many situations, all that is required is some stress relief. But occasionally, persistent foot and ankle discomfort needs medical attention.

You need a podiatrist who can accurately diagnose your conditions and provide treatment options to relieve your foot pain. Call for professional help once you start seeing the following signs:

  • Feeling intense pain and swelling in the ankle area.
  • Discomfort putting weight on your feet
  • Severe injury or deep wound on your foot that fails to heal.
  • Excruciating pain for over a week
  • You have diabetes, with a wound on your feet.

Do You Seem To Experience Any Of These Symptoms? Let Rogers Foot And Ankle Institute Be Your Foot Doctor!

If your foot or ankle condition deteriorates daily and you need the best treatment in Utah, our outstanding and trustworthy foot and ankle doctors in Saratoga Springs are your best option. Our doctors go overboard in providing operational and nonoperative treatments that meet your condition.

Our podiatrist can treat various diseases, including chronic diabetic foot, ankle fractures, arthritis foot pain, etc. Contact us at 801-756-4200 or Schedule an appointment with us today, and let’s help your foot finds its stability and activeness.