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How To Heal A Broken Toe Fast In American Fork, UT?

Jul 26, 2021
How To Heal A Broken Toe Fast In American Fork, UT?
If you’ve ever hit your toe against a chair leg and been unsure whether or not it’s broken, don’t fret. The pain will be intense but if the bone is unscathed then this means that in most cases, all you’ll need to do is strap on an ice pack for......

If you’ve ever hit your toe against a chair leg and been unsure whether or not it’s broken, don’t fret. The pain will be intense but if the bone is unscathed then this means that in most cases, all you’ll need to do is strap on an ice pack for some time as swelling subsides before putting pressure back onto the injured foot again

broken toe occurs when there has been trauma caused by an external force that causes one or more bones within your toes to break through their protective layers. If untreated immediately due to the severity of an injury can cause excruciating pain from prolonged exposure leading up until the healing process begins; may affect ability/mobility depending on the area affected.

If you are in American Fork, Utah, and have a fractured toe that is causing pain or discomfort then get in touch with Rogers Foot & Ankle Institute as soon as possible. We will conduct an examination to help determine the severity of your injury so we can establish treatment plans for total health and wellness.

Signs Of A Broken Toe

Common signs of a fractured toe include:

  • After the injury, pain, stiffness, or swelling may occur. The pain can be heightened when you are walking, especially if it is your big toe that is broken. This is because the big toe bears most of the body weight during pivoting or walking. A fractured little toe can be painful; however, it does not limit your ability to walk.
  • Shoes may be painful to wear.
  • The toe may appear bent if the broken bone is dislocated.
  • The skin around the affected area may change color or look bruised.
  • A broken bone may cause swelling at the break.

Some symptoms warrant a visit to your doctor. Visit your doctor if:

  • A bone is exposed.
  • Your foot feels numb.
  • The pain heightens if you move your foot.

If you are experiencing any or a combination of these symptoms, you need to seek medical advice. The only way to determine whether your injury is a sprain or a break is to contact a doctor from Rogers Foot & Ankle Institute, who will examine your toe, determine the type of injury, and make a diagnosis.

Causes Of A Broken Toe

The most common causes of broken toes include dropping a heavy object on the toe, stubbing the toe, or prolonged repetitive movements, which can cause a type of fracture called a stress fracture. Individuals with osteoporosis or other conditions may sustain stress fractures by wearing certain types of shoes. You can also develop a stress fracture if you start a new exercise and do too much too soon.

Home Treatments For A Broken Toe

You can treat a fracture at home by following these measures:

  • Rest: Rest your foot by avoiding prolonged standing or walking and avoiding pressure that causes pain.
  • Ice: Put ice in a towel or plastic bag and apply it to the injured area.
  • Compression: Wrap the injured area with an elastic bandage to reduce swelling.
  • Elevation: Keep the foot elevated as much as possible. You can keep your foot elevated by propping it up using several pillows.

If your pain has not subsided after using these self-care strategies, you should seek medical advice from our skilled doctors. One of our doctors will examine your toe to determine the extent of the break. Thereafter, the doctor will establish a treatment plan, which can either involve non-invasive procedures or surgery depending on the severity of your injury. Please feel free to contact our podiatrist Utah offices in American Fork and Saratoga Springs. Our doctors are ready to evaluate your foot and ankle problems and provide you with solutions that will help you achieve optimal health.

Medical Treatments For A Broken Toe

To ease the pain, a physician may prescribe pain medications such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. In cases where the injury has extended to your ankle, you may require additional treatment, such as surgery, to reset the fractured bone(s). Surgery usually involves placing a pin in the toe to align the bone and facilitate proper healing.

Do not treat a broken toe in American Fork yourself. Broken toes can be caused by several factors and each case needs a specific treatment plan. Allow our doctors to assess your injury and determine the best care plan for your condition.

Contact us today. We help local and national patients get rid of any pain that is preventing them from performing their day-to-day tasks.

Reasons Not To Ignore A Broken Toe

  1. Surgery: Often, individuals ignore their broken toes not knowing that they could end up with broken toes that need surgery. If you continue walking on a broken toe, the break may go into the joint and prevent the fracture from fully healing. With time, the effects of the break worsen and may warrant more surgeries to treat the injury.
  2. Deformity: A broken toe can permanently damage the ligaments and bones in your foot. If not treated when the break occurs, a fractured toe can ultimately alter the skeletal form of your foot and limit your ability to move around.
  3. Limited Motion: If you break your big toe, you may have problems putting weight on or standing on the toe.
  4. Chronic Pain: Broken toes are painful — so much so that some people describe them as being hit by a hammer. If a fractured toe bone is not treated promptly, it can cause ongoing pain, which may prevent you from applying any pressure on the toe.
  5. Lifelong Illness: Broken toes can lead to other more serious injuries, including loose joints or stress fractures. A toe that is broken at a joint can morph into arthritis in the future.

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