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Ways To Heal A Sprained Ankle Fast In Eagle Mountain

Aug 24, 2021
Ways To Heal A Sprained Ankle Fast In Eagle Mountain
Ankle sprains are common injuries among athletes who participate in field sports, stop-and-start running activities, outdoor adventure athletics, and general strenuous activities.

Ankle sprains are common injuries among athletes who participate in field sports, stop-and-start running activities, outdoor adventure athletics, and general strenuous activities. 

A sprained ankle involves an injury caused to the ligaments of your ankle. In particular, sprains can be classified as mild (involving overstretched and irritating ligaments) or severe (where the ligament tears out completely).  

Ankle sprains can be extremely painful and may require months to heal if they are severe. Nonetheless, you may speed up the recovery process and minimize the chances of facing further injuries by applying the P-R-I-C-E model.

If you are looking for help with your sprained ankle, reach out to the professionals at the Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute.   Our doctors are the leading experts in today’s modern foot procedures and treatments and are committed to continuing education and staying up-to-date on the latest techniques.

You can be sure that we stay up to date on the latest research on sprained ankle treatments and do our best to look at our patients in a more holistic manner. Our goal is to make sure to help with current ankle sprains but also help with the prevention of ankle sprains.

We do this by suggesting proper practices, the right footwear, stretches, and other aspects that help with most ankle sprains. If you have a sprained ankle, please contact us as quickly as possible so we can help you get back to living a quality life.

Here’s how to heal your sprained ankle fast using the P-R-I-C-E model.

Protect The Sprained Ankle

Protecting your sprained ankle is an essential step in accelerating the healing process. It would help if you watched the ankle immediately after realizing that it had sprained. Simple operations like sitting down can help you release the pressure from your ankle. Be keen not to do anything that will escalate the injury or cause more harm to the sprained area.

Take Full Rest And Then Exercise Adequately

The Institute of Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQEIH) recommends that a person with a sprained ankle should take a rest for one or two days after realizing that the sprain has occurred. The rest should be followed with an episode of mild exercise to speed up the recovery process.  

The National Athletic Trainer’s Association indicated in its position statement that engaging in mild exercises after an ankle sprain can improve your blood flow and aid in speeding up the healing process. Similarly, physical activities aimed at strengthening the muscular tissues of the calf and ankle can help you increase your balance and stability while minimizing the risk of facing a potential re-injury.  

Other studies have also associated immobilizing a sprained ankle using a brace for a week as an effective way of minimizing swells and pains. However, The Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam has established that exposing a sprained ankle to over four weeks of complete immobilization could worsen the symptoms and negatively affect healing. 

The point is to start with a simple strengthening exercise. Be keen not to continue with physical exercises that will escalate the symptoms. Feel free to talk to the professionals at the Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute about the types of physical activities that will work best for you. 

These professionals understand the impact of ankle sprain incidents in Eagle Mountain, UT, and will make sure to conduct a holistic assessment of the matter. Whether you are facing a sprained ankle or notice chronic ankle instability, our professionals at the Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute are here to help.

Get An Ice/Heat Treatment

Remember, not all sprain injuries are the same. While some will need a cold treatment to heal, others will call for heat treatment. Go for icing if you are comfortable, and you are sure that it will help you obtain the right results.

You may use your ice pack for 15 to 20 minutes in intervals of three or four hours within the first 72 hours after the sprain. However, this method is not advisable for individuals who present with other chronic ailments like cardiovascular diseases, peripheral damage to the nervous system, and diabetes.

Similarly, it would be best if you were keen not to ice the sprained ankle for more than 20 minutes.

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns on the matter of sprained ankles and hot and cold treatments, reach out to a doctor at the Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute as quickly as possible. Our professionals can certainly guide you in your journey to recovery.

Compression Be Quite Valuable With Ankle Injuries

Compression involves applying pressure to the area of the sprained ankle that has experienced the injury and its surroundings. In particular, compression will help you decrease any swelling effects that arise due to the sprained ankle. Similarly, the compression process will provide stability to the sprained ankle by immobilizing it.

You will get perfect compression by wrapping a tensor or an elastic bandage on the region around the sprained ankle, particularly from the toes to the upper area of the mid-calf. Be sure to provide proper compression by applying the right amount of pressure. Please don’t overdo it. 

Try loosening the bandage any moment you feel that the wrapping is uncomfortably tight and your blood circulation is not at the right level. Compression will help you minimize any form of swelling. However, you must be diligent and limit the bandage period to between 48 and 72 hours.

The Elevation Is Valuable And Can Help With Severe Pain

The elevation is the last step of the Price Model. In essence, this stage involves elevating the sprained ankle to the highest level you can to speed up the recovery process. Similarly, proper elevation (raising the sprained ankle to the level of your waist or heart) will prompt the elimination of excess body fluids and minimize the swelling effect.

In addition, a well-elevated ankle will benefit from improved circulation and ensuring that blood gets to the desired destinations for speedy healing.

You don’t always need to rush to your doctor any moment you suffer from a sprained ankle. However, seeing a professional at the Rogers Foot and Ankle Institute could be necessary if the sprain is severe or in instances where the sprain limits you from putting any weight on the affected ankle. In this case, your podiatrist will assess the situation and see if you are suffering from a sprained ankle and not other serious ailments. 

Be sure to begin moving around generally after you have recovered from the ankle sprain. Take a few hours to condition your ankle to be sure that it can handle the weight in the circumstances you operate in normal conditions. Don’t push your body. Go through the adjustment period to get back to your normal living conditions.

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Our professionals can help get you back on your feet in more ways than one and can help you recover from a sprained ankle properly.

Our medical team excels at ankle injury recovery and physical therapy plans to suit every individual. We can provide a personalized plan for most sprained ankles and can offer a comprehensive plan to suit your injury. If you have issues with your ankle repeatedly, we can find out what the root cause of the matter is and find ways to mitigate that severe injury.

Whether you need an ankle brace, to conduct more ankle stretch exercise, or have more issues that relate to your ankle bones, ankle joint, or ligament injury, we can ensure to provide proper treatment.

Take the next step and get the assistance you need after an ankle sprain occurs. We are aware of the surge in the COVID-19  pandemic, and we make sure to prioritize patient safety in each interaction. Ensure to call us first to obtain advice on your options as you practice effective social distancing.  Call our healthcare team at 801-756-4200 for information and schedule an appointment today.