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Protect Your Feet For Vineyard For Health

Protect Your Feet

The World is a Dangerous Place

When it comes to the outdoors and public areas, you don't want to trust the environment around your feet.

Be sure to wear good shoes especially at the gym, public pool, or in locker rooms. This will protect your foot form unwanted bacteria and fungi, which are common in these types of places.

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Don't Share Footwear

You don't know what's on those feet

When you wear someone else's shoes or socks, or if you share your footwear with someone else, you expose your feet to whatever fungal infections exist from another person's feet. This includes rentals at the bowling alley or rock climbing gym.

Make sure to wear your own socks and to clean your feet thoroughly after a public activity. If you see anything out of the ordinary, request an appointment today so we fix your foot problem fast!

Don't Share Footwear for Vineyard Foot Health

Keep Your Feet in Check

Rogers Foot & Ankle Institute encourages you to examine your feet regularly to make sure they are in good shape. Here are just a couple of things you should look out for that will tell you how your feet are doing.

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There are several conditions that cause the skin on your feet to turn a yellow, green, or brown color. Make sure you catch it!

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Unnatural Bumps

From bunions to unwanted warts, bumps on your feet may need treatment before your feet are back to normal.

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Dry or Peeling Skin

A dry foot is nothing to ignore due to athlete's foot and other ailments. Contact our doctors to find the best treatment.

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