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Are you wondering if your injury can be treated at home?

At home remedies for your foot needs!

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Ingrown Care

Ingrown care: Foot Soak in Epsom salt room temperature after gently massage the side of your nail to reduce inflammation. Cut your nail and wear comfortable shoes to walk in.

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Diabetic Feet

Foot exercises, sleep and keep up with your diet.

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Plantar Fascitis

Ice bath or roll on a frozen water bottle. If this doesn't help ease then pain in 4-6 weeks call and make an appointment.

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Nail Care

Soaking the toenail in warm, soapy water for 10 to 20 minutes twice a day, and then applying a topical antibiotic to the area.

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Post OP

Rest and raise feet up when sleeping. 

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Foot Soak in baking soda and dry.  Put your feet up and rest!

Orthotic Breakins

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Wound Care

Keep your wound clean and dry.  Apply antibacterial ointment to the wound and wrap up. Click to read more.

Wound Care Progressive Pictures!

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